VPN for Apple Mac

What You Should Know Before Installing a VPN App

When you use a VPN app, you give the company that created it permission to see your online activity, such as websites you visit and what you type in online, including sensitive personal data. Depending on how the VPN is configured, the VPN Company may be able to see information that you send when using encrypted sites such as banking sites. So, do your homework before deciding on a VPN app. Before you download a VPN for iPhone program, here are a few things you should know and do:

Understand that not all VPN programs encrypt your data. Some VPN apps claim to be VPNs but employ protocols that do not encrypt the websites you view or the information you write online. Or they encrypt only a portion of what you do. Search online on independent review sites to see if a certain app encrypts your data.


If you use the VPN app to keep your traffic private, make sure you read the VPN app’s terms, conditions, and privacy policy to determine if it distributes information with other organisation. And, if it does disclose your information, find out what information it shares.

Understand that VPN program like VPN for iPhone does not always provide complete anonymity. If you use a VPN app, your internet service provider (ISP) or public Wi-Fi service will most likely not see the websites you visit or the information you post online. You aren’t necessarily anonymous to the websites you visit, either.