Can you use CBD for anxiety?

Since ancient times, marijuana has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes. These purposes define how the usage of the plant occurred and to what percentage the compound inside was used. Cannabis or cannabinacea is the name of the parent family that houses all the hemp and marijuana varieties.

There are about 120 different compounds in the cannabis plants and their variations and concentrations differ from species to species. These compounds such as THC and CBD are used for various purposes like CBD for anxiety, THC for getting high and so on.

What are those compounds and where does CBD come in?

The 120 different compounds contain names like THC, delta-8, delta-9, CBD and so on. These compounds are, as mentioned above present in different concentrations in different species. When it comes to marijuana it contains THC as its primary compound. And Hemp contains CBD as its primary elemental compound.

When we talk about THC and CBD, THC is the compound that gives you the high, the cerebral and physical highness that you experience while smoking weed is given by this compound. While CBD gives off the calming and soothing effects that soothe your mind and soul with the same. This is the exact reason why CBD is used for a variety of mental illnesses.

The use of CBD for anxiety, depression, and various other mental illnesses is done because CBD soothes the mind and gives you a calm feeling. Several various mental illnesses can be curbed and cured with the help of CBD.